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a night of disclosure ♥
02 September 2009 @ 05:30 pm

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a night of disclosure ♥
27 August 2009 @ 10:50 pm
[10:36:05 PM] *** Tori ejected Musicar from this conversation. ***
[10:36:12 PM] Tori: I don't get it
[10:36:22 PM] Tori: I almost drowned today
[10:36:45 PM] Tori: they knew I couldn't swim, yet they still offered to do a chicken fight
[10:36:57 PM] Tori: and I knew if I refused, they'd do whatever they could to make me join them
[10:37:07 PM] Tori: and because I"m submissive, I'd do it
[10:37:10 PM] Tori: of course I woould
[10:37:17 PM] Tori: but, you know, it's all so stupid
[10:37:46 PM] Tori: of course, I can only guess that no one gets this, but it feels good to let it out
[10:38:01 PM] Tori: I'm afraid of the water now
[10:38:53 PM] Tori: ever since Dylan had brought me to the surface, I'd sit at the edge of the pool, staring off into space
[10:39:10 PM] Tori: thinking, 'why would they want to do a chicken fight?'
[10:39:16 PM] Tori: 'when they know I can't swim'
[10:39:30 PM] Tori: being underwater is not as big a deal to them as it is to me
[10:39:32 PM] Tori: I panic
[10:39:33 PM] Tori: easily
[10:39:36 PM] Tori: and I stress
[10:39:37 PM] Tori: easily
[10:40:25 PM] Tori: they had tried to make me feel better, but I still didn't understand why they did what they did
[10:40:37 PM] Tori: and how they could forget about it as easily
[10:41:20 PM] Tori: they started to splash water at me
[10:41:25 PM] Tori: I freaked out and ran away
[10:41:32 PM] Tori: they did it again
[10:41:38 PM] Tori: and I dried myself off and left the pool
[10:41:40 PM] Tori: room
[10:41:52 PM] Tori: I laid outside and tried to sleep on the hard floor
[10:42:09 PM] Tori: I really wanted a hug
[10:42:26 PM] Tori: I'd never wanted a hug as bad in my life
[10:43:39 PM] Tori: when we were leaving, Reece called me a drama queen
[10:43:46 PM] Tori: just because I wanted to be by myself
[10:43:48 PM] Tori: I think that's stup9id
[10:48:53 PM] Tori: when I was leaving their apartment, I was supposed to close the door (or the animals will get out)
[10:49:00 PM] Tori: I didn't, 'cause I knew Dylan was there
[10:49:21 PM] Tori: he shouted at me, "At least have the decency to close the door!" in a really angry voice and then slammed it
[10:49:54 PM] Tori: that last bit that Dylan did... it really upset me
[10:50:09 PM] Tori: and as soon as I left the building I started crying
[10:50:15 PM] Tori: as I'm writing this, I feel like crying, still
[10:50:24 PM] Tori: ahhh, fuck, this sucks
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a night of disclosure ♥
Video games I do adore. Too bad I replaced my usercheat.dat file in my r4 with an updated version, and the updated version has newer and better cheats than the old file, but the older ones were still better. I used "Copy & Replace," so the file is not on my computer at all. Such a shame. Etrian Odyssey won't be as fun now D: Oh, and I've hit a snag in my SMT: Devil Survivor game. I used usercheat.dat to max all stats on my characters... I now have to do a battle where I'm supposed to do heavy damage, not kill. I usually overkill because of my stats and demon levels. I don't know what to do now D; Geez, I'm so stupid.

I am so happy I found Soybean3's website. Soo happy! I'll never let it go<3 Turns out, Soybean3's real name is Yamato Yamamoto. Heard of him? 'Cause I haven't, but I really like his artwork. It's realllly good.

I've started up a short project to add to my 'ever-growing' collection of unfinished work : / It's called Creating Air, and it's about dreams. That's all I'll release now.

Shower looong tonight, visit Sierra tomorrow, and also shop for school supplies. Don't know how many binders I'll need, but Uncle Janvin said he's got five for me. I'll just go buy four, then. That's all I really need, anyway.
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a night of disclosure ♥
21 August 2009 @ 03:11 pm
It's been forever, hasn't it? And I still haven't posted those fireworks videos, have I? Well, tell you what, I'm still getting used to all the things I don't have on this newly wiped laptop. A few days ago, I realized I lost all my textures, so I'll have to go redownload them. I've also lost all the nds games I play which were saved on the computer, along with the application and backup files. I am so pissed.

Over the past month, I've been doing a lot of manga reading, playing S4 League with old/new friends, as well as play WonderKing's closed beta. As of now, I have a lvl 27 Theif and lvl 16 Scout. Whoopie : /
The manga I've spent most of my time on are Hana Kimi and Amatsuki, which I have now completed and am up to date with. I reallly like Amatsuki, and plan to be majorly into it. Kind of like some other series I've been following. -ahemtsubasaahem-
Right now, I'm starting Haigakura, by Shinobu Takayama, the same artist as Amatsuki. I am absolutely in love with Takayama-sensei's colored artwork. It is gorgeous, especially the coloring *A* But, I just think I have a real keen interest in how things are colored... that tends to be why I like most pictures I've favorited on deviantART.

dream stuff. third dream a good read.Collapse )

The Chasesr mode in S4 came out. I don't really like it, but it gives out a lot of exp/pen, so I guess it can't be helped. I don't like how when I'm the chaser, I can't see so well. And how all the people are just black and red colored /things/ instead of actual people. Ohh, well.
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a night of disclosure ♥
02 August 2009 @ 10:24 am
I went to the fireworks again last night. It was China's performance, and it was rather boring. There was a large increase of people last night because of all the Chinese that showed up. It makes me sad to know they only showed up because it was China, and not for any other fireworks display. I know China was last, but at least have respect and come to a few others, eh? Showing up just for the one fireworks show your country sets up, and then cheering as loud as you can for such a crappy performance... it's just stupid.
We got there about fifteen minutes before the show started, and I chased a duck. Twice. There were a couple of dunkards sitting near us, and they were screaming a lot of profanity at the show... despite the cluttered and 'not so together' show, it made me sad. China had a good idea, they really did, but they needed to be more organized.
When I get internet back up at home, I'll post up the two videos and pictures I took from UK's show, and also from China's. Unfortunately, I didn't find Digigama 2.0 sooner, and couldn't take videos or pictures from Canada or South Africa. I would've really liked to.

Summer school ended, and I'm really happy about that. I feel like I'm allowed to live in a dream now. Except I have oncoming reality pretty soon -- within ten days -- where I have to go take another math provincial exam to raise both my school mark and my provincial mark.

Also, yesterday evening I was able to finish Lux-Pain! I'm so happy about that! And I cried because the group didn't get to say goodbye to Atsuki. They all remembered in the end, but still didn't get to say goodbye. I almost cried because of both that, and because Inagaki decided to become a PI because of Kyosuke.
location: Sierra's house
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